In this series we cover the rise of Islamic Spain or Al-Andalus followed by the gradual reconquest of Spain by the Spanish Christian Kingdoms. 

  1. Episode 1 Introduction

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    We take a look at the Iberian peninsular from Roman rule to the establishment of the Visigoths. 

  2. Episode 2 The final years of the Visigoths

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    We examine the lead up to the battle of 711 and the final years of Visigothic rule.

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    Episode 3 The Battle of 711

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    We discuss the Battle of 711, which brought the Muslim conquerers to the Iberian peninsula.


    Following the Muslim victory, someone hid the treasures of the Visigothic Kings at a place called Guerrazar, near Toledo.  The hiding place was so effective that the treasure remained hidden for over 1000 years.  Thankfully it was rediscovered in 1858 and pieces of the find are now on display in Paris and Madrid.

  4. 800px El puente de Alcantara Caceres

    Episode 4 Securing Muslim rule

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    We explore how the Muslim invaders were able to consolidate their hold on the Iberian peninsula.


    One of the reasons why the Muslim invaders were ultimately successful, was the raft of Roman infrastructure already in place across the peninsula.  One stunning example of this is the Alcantara Bridge.  Already over 600 years old at the time of the Muslim invasion, it is still standing today - nearly 2000 years after it was constructed.

  5. Episode 5 Shifting power: 740-750

    The Muslim rulers of Al-Andalus put down a Berber uprising, only to face some bigger problems caused by some troublesome newcomers.

  6. Episode 6 Abd al-Rahman

    The last surviving member of the Umayyad dynasty makes his way to al-Andalus.

  7. Episode 7 Hisham

    Abd al-Rahman died in 788.  Which one of his three sons will succeed him?