The Baltic Crusades were a series of military campaigns commencing in 1147 and ending in 1505, targeting the pagans living in the Baltic region.  

Join me as we take a look at one of the lesser-known series of crusades...

  1. Northern Europe in 814
  2. 220px Braunschweig Brunswick Heinrich der Loewe Dom 2005

    Episode 190 The Baltic Crusades

    The Wendish Crusade I - Henry the Lion


    Here is a statue which is thought to represent the Duke of Saxony - Henry the Lion.  Located in Braunschweig Cathedral in Germany.

  3. Episode 191 The Baltic Crusades

    The Wendish Crusade II - Wrong bird!

  4. 1024px Caspar David Friedrich The Abbey in the Oakwood WGA08240

    Episode 192 The Baltic Crusades

    The Wendish Crusade III - In the shadow of the Crusade



    This bleak painting is by 19th century German artist Caspar David Friedrich.  He was raised on the shores of the Baltic Sea and I think it nicely depicts the difficulty of establishing churches in pagan lands prior to the Baltic Crusades 

  5. 240px Codex Manesse Tannhauser

    Episode 193 The Baltic Crusades

    The Teutonic Knights


    Here is a picture of a man wearing the habit of the Teutonic Order (from the Codex Manesse)