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Welcome to the support site for the History of the Crusades podcast.  The podcast aims to relate the history of the crusades in chronological order, via easily digestible episodes.  The series starts with the Middle Eastern crusades then moves on to the European crusades.  The podcasts aim to take a balanced view of the conflict, ensuring voices from both sides are heard.

So - if you wish to listen to the episodes choose your preferred platform: either iTunes, Stitcher radio or via podomatic, click on the appropriate link on the right hand side of this page, and get started.  Or you can use the menu above to navigate to each episode, checking out the maps and support material as you go.

Two musicians have kindly allowed me to use their music for my podcasts.  They are both local, independent artists from my home town.  If you like the snippets of their offerings you hear at the beginning of the episodes, follow the links to explore more of their work.


History of the Crusades Podcast - features music from the song "Passage 1" from the album "Home" by Cary Lewincamp


The subscription podcast at Patreon features music from the song "Go Home" from the album Christopher Coleman Collective